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UNICEF is working to extend the reach of both facility-based and mobile nutrition,▓ water, sanitation and health services, a▓nd has teams in the hardest

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hit areas,▓ working with local authorities, partners and communities to treat and prevent malnutrition, acute wate

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ry diarrhoe (AWD) and cholera.UNICEF Somalia has raised its 2017 funding requirem▓ent from 66 million U.S. dollars to

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147 million U.S. dol▓lars, with a funding gap of 54 percent as of mid-March."In 2011, funding poured in after the of

Best 2011 famine For You!

, the biggest killers were diarrhoea and measl

ficial d▓eclaration of famine in July," said Pakkala. "This


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year, many donors have come forward early. But ▓the worst ma


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y still be ahead of us. We have a small wi▓ndow to prevent a ma

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ssive loss of life."Please scan the QR Code to follow us on InstagramPlease scan the QR Code to follow us on Wechat100 mln Migrants' children in China:

alia, the country is

repor▓t100 mln Migrants' children in China: report100 ▓mln Migra

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the▓ brink of catastro

nts' children in China: report03-30-2017 07:20 BJTChina has near

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the drought is m▓ore wi

ly 100 million m▓igrants' children according to the Blue Book of

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cting Somaliland, Puntland a

 Migrant Children released on Tuesday by the Beijing-based 21st

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